Autumn 2021

Autumn 2021

Record of Policy Statements (RoPS)

Adopt a working definition of Anti Gypsy, Roma Travellerism

‘Anti Gypsy Roma Travellerism is systemic, historically constructed, persistent and complex use of racist and discriminatory discourse, used in a narrow sense to indicate anti-Gypsy Roma Traveller attitudes and expressions of negative stereotypes.

It is a multi-faceted phenomenon that has widespread social and political acceptance and is a critical obstacle to the inclusion of Gypsy Roma and Travellers in broader society. It acts to prevent Gypsy Roma Traveller people from enjoying, equal rights and justice, opportunities, gainful social-economic participation, and achieving their full potential.’ The Green Party opposes the outlaw of nomadic lifestyles.

We therefore call on:

  • International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) to reshape their definition, to be more appropriate in a UK context. Whilst Anti-Gypsyism/anti-Roma in a European context is understood, this doesn’t go far enough to embrace some indigenous ethnic Irish, Scottish and Welsh Travellers.
  • UK Government to Work in consultation and partnership with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities to develop inclusive policies.
  • Department of Education to include the teaching of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller history as part of the curriculum.
  • UK Government, Devolved Government or Local Authority proposals to support a statutory duty to provide and facilitate a national network of Gypsy and Traveller sites, both private and local authority (residential, negotiated and transit).
  • Local Authorities to help safeguard and ensure the continuity of Horse Fairs and traditional gatherings • UK Government, Devolved Government and Local Authority support for Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month, 8 April Roma Nation Day, 2 August Roma Genocide Day.
  • UK Government to have an outward looking approach and remains proactively in touch with EU and other international institutions, particularly:
    • EU Roma strategic framework for equality, inclusion and participation.
    • Council of Europe’s Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention on the Protection of National Minorities
    • United Nations Committee for the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Emergency Motions

Solidarity with BFAWU campaign

On 28th September 2021 the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union disaffiliated from the Labour Party after 119 years of continuous affiliation, citing the party leadership’s unwillingness to campaign for a proper living wage of £15 an hour for all workers, regardless of age. The Green Party of England and Wales expresses our solidarity with the BFAWU following their disaffiliation, state our support for their campaign ‘Fight for 15’ for a £15-an-hour minimum wage, for an end to age-based pay discrimination and for better working conditions for all workers. Conference notes the recent polling by Autonomy UK with Survation found that 65% of the UK public supports a £15-an-hour minimum wage. Conference notes BFAWU has led on climate justice within the labour movement, including in 2017 proposing a successful TUC motion calling for a just transition to a renewable energy industry, energy democracy and recognition of environmental reps. Conference further notes our shared ambition to build a just and sustainable food supply chain to address the ecological emergency. Conference requests the Leaders contact BFAWU to express our party’s solidarity with them and to state there can be no climate justice without social justice. Green Party policy is clear that we need to develop an economy which must be socially and economically just, which entails respect for workers’ rights and economic security for all. The Green Party recognises the right to dignity at work, just conditions, a fair wage and security of employment.

Urgent action for Afghan Refugees

Conference calls upon GPEx, Green councillors and Party members to take urgent action in the light of this weeks announcement that a very large number of Afghan refugees are still languishing in hotels. This potentially compounds they psychological trauma. There are councils which are ignoring offers by the public to host refugees. Conference calls on GPEx, Green councillors and Green Party members to a. press all UK councils to immediately accept public offers to host Afghan refugees (provided the accommodation is suitable and appropriate checks are carried out). b. speedily find permanent accommodation for refugees Conference also calls on c. Green Party members to offer to host Afghan refugees if they have a spare room or if not, to ask their family, friends or contacts to host them Conference also calls on Green councillors and members d. to press Her Majesty’s government to provide local councils and housing associations with special funding to facilitate their building of permanent accommodation for the refugee

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