Record of Policy Statements

Record of Policy Statements (RoPS)

The Record of Policy Statements, or RoPS, includes motions passed by Conference or agreed by the Regional Council between conferences, which do not amend or overrule the substantial Policies for a Sustainable Society (PSS), but which are a short term response to immediate or transitory situations.

You can find the detail on all of our specific policies within each of the Policy Chapters on the right hand side of this page.

Policy statements are often passed as Emergency Motions at conference and tend to reflect the immediate political climate. Any statement more than a year old is likely to have been superseded by events, although in some cases they enshrine principles which persist.

Policy statements can never over-rule the PSS or the Philosophical Basis of the Party. RoPS are referenced by a number which indicates the year and order in which they were introduced. If they were introduced as an emergency motion then they are prefixed with an ‘E’. If they clearly relate to a single chapter of PSS then they are prefixed with the chapter code, otherwise they are prefixed with ‘PS’.

Selected Policy Statements will appear here.

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