The Green Party plans for home insulation and renewable energy would give people the comfort and warmth they need in their homes. Energy bills must come down – we need an energy generating democracy that brings the power back into the hands of communities, not boardrooms. We will not force vulnerable people to choose between eating and heating.

We will make a major investment in energy efficiency and the renewable energy industry to create jobs, stimulate research, reduce emissions, and get people’s fuel bills down permanently.

Permanently lower bills

The Green Party would:

  • Cut demand by encouraging European incentives for home insulation, reducing the amount of energy we need to heat and power Britain’s homes, and providing much-needed jobs.
  • Change the types of energy we use by speeding up the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy by voting for increased targets in Europe.
  • Reject harmful long-term solutions. We would ban all fracking and stop building nuclear power stations.

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Have a look at our mini-manifesto here.